Next Gen Tech: Artificial intelligence

From enriched simulation to end-device AI – we discuss the latest breakthroughs that will accelerate the AI revolution.

Headshot of Vanessa Cook

Vanessa Cook

May 2024

Key takeaways

  • While generative artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models stole the headlines in 2023, the technological landscape will shift focus to the implementation of AI tools and applications, with five breakthrough AI technologies leading the way.
  • End-device AI, enriched simulation, knowledge graphs, hyperdimensional computing, and artificial general intelligence could enable an abundance of opportunities beyond the digital to the physical domains of end-devices, robotics and life sciences.
  • Bank of America Institute's 'Next Gen Tech' series explores 30 breakthrough technologies across AI, computing, robots, communication, healthcare, energy and mobility, that are about to alter our lives. Join us as we discuss what's next on the tech horizon.

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This publication is part of Bank of America Institute’s ‘Next Gen Tech’ series – focused on sharing 30 breakthrough technologies that will transform the world. Each week, we’ll highlight one of seven categories (artificial intelligence, computing, robots, communication, healthcare, energy and transport), and share advancements within each, so stay tuned for more.

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