Let’s recap: 2023 at a glance

As the year comes to a close, we highlight some of the top economic themes and trends of 2023.

Headshot of Liz Everett Krisberg

Liz Everett Krisberg

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David Tinsley

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Anna Zhou

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Vanessa Cook

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Taylor Bowley

December 2023

Key takeaways

  • Bank of America Institute is dedicated to uncovering powerful insights that move business and society forward. In the last year, we've delivered over 80 publications across our three pillars: Proprietary Economic Insights, Sustainability and Transformation.
  • As the year comes to a close, we've consolidated some of the most insightful charts that we've published along the way.
  • From domestic migration to moderating wage growth, our 2023 wrap-up serves as a great way to ramp up holiday party chatter and reflect on what we've seen.

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