Digital machinations: payback time

Digital strategies are driving real-world productivity gains with the potential to reduce manufacturing costs by 25%

Headshot of Taylor Bowley

Taylor Bowley

Headshot of Vanessa Cook

Vanessa Cook

February 2023

Key takeaways

  • Digital transformation is driving real-world productivity gains. The implementation of digital strategies has the potential to reduce manufacturing costs by over 25% by improving labor productivity and cutting energy use, per BofA Global Research.
  • At the same time, BofA Global Research sees increased demand for cloud-based capabilities such as cybersecurity, virtualization software and remote access. While demand remains robust, there is still plenty of opportunity to adopt automated and digital solutions.
  • As global supply chains shift and reshoring activity for U.S. manufacturing surges in the post-COVID recovery, companies are likely to continue to increase their investment in automation to manage costs, inventory and complexity.


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